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Google Analytics for iPhone/Android


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Launch the app and you have all the information you want to see on one screen

AnalyticsPM enables quick checking of Google Analytics information from your iPhone/Android.

You'll want to check the site status several times a day
Display the most frequently viewed reporting metrics on one screen, optimized for heavy users who use Google Analytics multiple times a day.


Analytics PM Features

Simple and Fast

The design is optimized for heavy users who check GA data multiple times every day.

Beautiful Graphs

All data can be displayed in line graph, bar graph, and pie chart formats.

Multiple Account Functionality

Perfect for users with multiple Google Analytics accounts for separate business and personal purposes.

Quick Access to Frequently Used Intervals

Access frequently used time intervals such as "today," "yesterday," as well as comparisons such as "the previously selected period" with a single click.

Google Analytics for iPhone/Android