Google Analytics Data Usage Policy

We use OAuth2 to connect to your Google Analytics account and don't store any of your Google Analytics data.

By Purchasing a Pro License, You Can

- Turn Off Advertisements
Ads will no longer be displayed on the dashboard screen and other areas.

- Customize the Display Items for Reports
Change the display order, or add special Pro license only items (conversion, OS, access device, event, etc).

- Multiple User Compatibility
Multiple GA users and additional accounts can be added and managed.

Report items that can be added to the Pro license?

Metrics / Dimensions (Pro License)

* User Type
* % New Sessions
* New Users
* Avg. Session Duration
* Source / Medium
* Campaign
* Social Network
* Total Abandonment Rate
* Browser
* Operationg System
* Operationg System Version
* Mobile Device Branding
* Mobile Device Info
* Device Category
* Country / Territory
* City
* Language
* Pages / Session
* Avg. Time on Page
* % Exit
* Goal Value
* App Name
* Screen Name
* Page Value
* Avg. Page Load Time (sec)
* Avg. Server Connection Time (sec)
* Avg. Server Response Time (sec)
* Event Category
* Event Action
* Event Value

We are continually adding new functions and data items as requested by our customers. We hope you will share your requests and impressions of our application with us!